Why an online brand for fashionable support pantyhose? (the day I had to choose my very first pair of compression pantyhose…)

When you realize that compression pantyhose have a very bad reputation (grandma’s tights), that is based on something pretty much true (even though you have no idea why exactly they need to be ugly), but that you (a 27 year-old dynamique-and-fashion-aware woman) will need to wear them anyway for your health, well then you start thinking about a solution ! That’s my story…

 collants de contention jolis


Meeting with 50 shades of black and beige


Being confronted to blood circulation troubles since my Oh ! too youngest years, my first glimpse at compression tights did not go as planned, with all the serenity required. Suffering from heavy and swollen legs, especially after a long day, seating behind a computer or a night standing and walking, I decided, after seing a doctor, to buy my first pair of compression tights in order to reduce the risks of even bigger circulation problems.

 The very thought of wearing them was repelling, as I had heard so much about their reputation of « varicose tights » for octogenarian.

The 50 shades of black and beige found me sheepish ! Having no other choice, I opted for black instead of « frozen beige » (may have they call it « artificial limb beige » for what it’s worth)… and I cried my eyes out ! Why so much hate ?

compression pantyhose

* I also have it in beige... With this one, you'll look 30 years older

Nothing is as bad as it seems (the day I realized I should take care of it myself)

After this impressive encounter with the awful truth which brought me back to reality, I decided to create my own brand for fashionable support pantyhose, with a non medical purpose.

Walleriana pantyhose have a very small « preventive compression » for the well-being of the legs. They claim their difference compared to their not-so-fun-and-very-much-ugly-peers. They have been designed by and thought for dynamique, fashion aware young women. They definitely are beautiful support pantyhose, the medical side appart !

 collants de contention jolis