Why Walleriana ?

Impatiens Walleriana is the latin name of a flower : Impatiens Walleriana. So what makes it close to venous problems ?

"Impatiences" in french (restless legs syndrome), is one of the multiple forms of light blood circulation trouble. They are quite like small electric discharge in your legs, which usually show themselves at the end of a very long day standing or seated behind your computer (they specifically like to appear when you try to fall asleep). When they express themselves in your legs, the only thing you want to do is walk or run a marathon... literally !

Walleriana fleur

* Impatiens Walleriana flower

A sedentary lifestyle : number 1 enemy

One in two women and almost one in three men experience blood circulation problems in their lifetime. Sedentary lifestyle, among other things, is a huge part of the problem. For instance, venous stasis (stagnancy of the blood in the lower parts of the legs) comes from keeping the same position for too long, either a vertical position (when shuffling along in a exhibition or at a wedding for example) or stay seated all day (working in front of a computer can be uncomfortable for your legs).

sédentarité au travail

* Sedentary lifestyle : at work...

An army of factors, definetly not that good for you (but you already know about it, right?)

Of course, other factors can cause blood circulation problems : eating too much and unhealthy food (greasy food), not drink enough water (orange juice and Diet Coke do not count as water !), shuffling along the shopping stores (yes, sales can be a pain in all matters), smoking, drinking alcohol, oral contraception (hormones in general), not exercising enough (remember the day you decided to register at the gym? Well, now is probably the time to get out there at least once a week !), or even wearing very tight cloths.

The accumulation of it all can be a dangerous cocktail for those of us who have sensitive legs and a tendency to bad blood circulation.

This is how, by the end of the day, our legs can be painful, sore, swollen or even slightly purple… For women wearing skirts, you’d have to admit this is not quite sexy.

manger équilibré, santé, bien-être

* A better health starts with better food...

I want a better lifestyle, but I don't have time to make these improvements in my life (best excuse ever)

A performant blood circulation comes first from a better lifestyle, better health. Nowadays, it can be pretty hard to take care of ourselves. And our bodies usually tell us so.

Some of us know well enough these famous cramps in our legs, taking us by surprise, diffuse pain that comes up and down the legs, making it impossible to stay put in a chair, making us want to walk and walk, even run a marathon and hang our legs up in the air, above our head ! You might not know about it, but these particular cramps have a name : « restless » legs, or « impatiences » in french…

Impatiens Walleriana, latin name for a beautiful flower we’ve decide to borrow the name from.

prendre soin de soi, meilleure circulation veineuse, santé, bien-être

* Take the time to take care of yourself...

We are helping you make time for improvements, because you are not alone (so easy, you'll see !)

         You might feel alone when experiencing these problems, and you might even think you’ll have to live with it and get used to it, bottom line. But you are far from the truth.

First of all, you are not alone ! Many people experience the same pain, ask themselves the same questions and don’t have the slightest clue what to do about it.

Second of all, you might think there is nothing much to do about it. This, again, is not true ! Simple exercices exist to help you through the day, solutions that can save your day at work. We are here to give you clues to start living better, feeling more beautiful and free, and forget about those damn blood circulation troubles ! 

detox water, rythme de vie sain, bien-être, circulation veineuse

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