Want to be a hostess at home for Walleriana ?

Go meet clients, discover the expectations of each, discuss, exchange, meet real people that potentially can lead to partnerships, this is what I like to do. Because my job requires to constantly listen to people, while at the same time, I am condemned to work 90% of the time behind my computer, I find it difficult to reach a fair compromise.

It was through this process that I became aware of a thing: sell my products on the internet is one thing, but meet directly with clients is even better! Several possibilities: sales with a hostess at home, and sales with other creators (I will get back to this one in another article).

hostess Home Paris Walleriana
Walleriana at the Paris WorkShop

Sales with hostess at home

Home sales are a way to meet potential customers in a quiet, intimate and furnished place for the occasion. The principle is as follows:

  • a meeting is held in the apartment of a person interested in the brand, and more specifically the products (that person is not necessarily already a customer), and who wishes to be the hostess for the occasion
  • the host determines the date with me a few weeks in advance
  • She invites her friends (minimum 5) to participate in this meeting
  • She provides a small snack/drink (depending on the mood ^^) for the meeting to be cosy (nothing extravagant!)
  • I bring my products and I present them to the hostess and her friends.

There is no obligation to purchase (at worst, this is a meeting between friends who will have learned what are support tights and socks and have a good time). However, the hostess receives gifts/vouchers from the brand, depending on the achieved turnover during this meeting. The objective is winner/winner.

Hostess at home, sale of 7/03/2016 for Walleriana
Hostess at home, sale of 7/03/2016 for Walleriana

Become a hostess at home in Paris for Walleriana!

I’m therefore searching for young sociable women, living in Paris, and wishing to play along by becoming a hostess at home during an evening or an afternoon. Feel free to contact me directly for more information or to apply by giving me your motives (no need to write me a novel!), at the address youretheboss@walleriana.com. I would be happy to answer all your questions :)

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