Pantyhose, socks and thigh highs with smooth compression to boost your blood flow.


Our sedentary lifestyle is not good for our legs. We need to cherish them, as they are the ones driving us around.


Compression pantyhose and socks, yes... but stylish ones, so you never have to choose between comfort and fashion !
  • Our pantyhose are resistant
    Resistant and shaping, you will feel the difference !
  • Your legs deserve it : keep them light !
    Light compression to boost your blood flow
  • Shape Wear
    Shape your body : say bye to cellulite, hi to cute butt !

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Walleriana is a french brand that raises awareness on blood circulation trouble.

Whether you suffer from heavy/swollen legs, or you just spend all day long

standing or seated behind your computer, whether you travel a lot or you spend

your vacation at home, our products are meant for you.

We create stylish support pantyhose and socks that offer light compression on

your ankles to help increase blood circulation in your legs.

Our products are trendy and meant to make you forget about your blood

circulation trouble (with style) !