When I say our values, I actually mean MY values, the questions I’m asking myself as a consumer. As far as I remember, I’ve always wondered whether I needed this or that before buying it :


·      Would it be a good basic for my wardrobe ?

·      Would it last long enough ?


I started asking myself these questions when I only have a couple of pennies in my pockets and no credit card. So yeah, I know I’m not perfect or anything and I don’t pretend to be. But I try very hard to do my very best every day, and that’s exactly what I do for my brand as well.


Here are the values I try to cherish and apply to Walleriana :


·      Permanence


My collections are not supposed to fill in a fleeting desire, they were thought for a long lasting relationship with you ! So yes, they need to be taken care of, but it should never be a pressure or anything cause I know how precious your time is.


·      Quality


My products are made in Europe and in France as soon as it’s possible (financially and materially) and they are meant to last in time. Manufactures I have worked with, and those I still work with, have always respected human beings and nature as part of a whole.


·      Necessity


My products’ primary function is to be useful and salutary to people who need it, whether for prevention or to relieve the tensions in our already mistreated legs.


Of course I care about them being esthetically pleasing and I truly hope this dimension will also resonate well with you.


Anyway, I’m available to answer your questions as long as they are constructive and well-intentioned ;)