Here are some frequently asked questions, and answers to help you. Feel free to ask any other question via the contact form, we will answer as fast as we can, and as accurately as possible !

Where are our support pantyhose and socks manufactured ?

Walleriana finds each skill and expertise where they are : in Europe, in manufactures specialized in making medical garments. All our products strictly respect EU and FDA legislation concerning compression materials. Each raw material comes from Europe.

Aren’t support pantyhose too tight ? Am I going to be able to put them up ?

Support pantyhose are tighter than the basic pantyhose you might be used to wearing. But keep in mind their goal is to hold a compression tight enough so that the blood is able to go straight up, and not stagnate in the lower parts of the legs.

You need to find the right size for you, that is why we created a sizing chart. You can also find very helpful drawings and explanations on the blog, and if you still have doubts, you can call us ! We speak english and will sure be able to help you (be careful with the jetlag though !).

Wearing support pantyhose for the first time is a bit of a strange sensation. You will find them very tight but the sensation reduces quickly, to leave room to a much nicer sensation : lightness and coolness in the legs.

First use you’ll be feeling the difference, espacially if you are used to weaking up with heavy legs.

Only way to know is to try them !

Is there an esthetic difference between basic pantyhose and support pantyhose ?

Support pantyhose structure is different from basic pantyhose. It is slightly thicker and if you look close, you might see the difference.

Walleriana support pantyhose have been specifically designed in order to look like any other basic pantyhose, with stylish patterns and colors, following the trends of the moment. Whether you want to wear them with a mini skirt or leather shorts, high heels, or boots, Walleriana support pantyhose are a trendy accessory like any other cute accessory, with one huge advantage : they are meant for the well-being of your legs !

I don’t have any blood circulation troubles. Can I still wear support pantyhose or is it not recommended ?

Walleriana support pantyhose have been developed with a small compression. This means that, if put properly, they can only help your legs through the day, in terms of lymphatic drainage.

Wearing support pantyhose when not inclined to suffer blood circulation troubles is an efficient prevention method to take care of your legs, as well as, for example, an anti-wrinkle cream would be used to prevent wrinkles. Support pantyhose are an effective way to shape the body, with visible slimming action.

So if you still have doubts, keep in mind you should ask a doctor, who will help you chose the right size and compression for you.

Do you ship your products abroad ?

Yes, we ship to most countries, including non European countries. Nonetheless, you should be aware that complementary shipping costs will be added to the original price. If you have a doubt or a question, please send us a message through the contact form, or through the chat. Don't forget to leave your email address so we can contact you back !

How long will the pantyhose last ? They are pretty expensive and I'm afraid of their fragility.

Our pantyhose are very resistant. They actually last longer than basic pantyhose (usually between 6 months to a year or two). They are more resistant because their netting is stronger, in order to work as a blood circulation booster. So duration will mostly depend on how you take care of them : wash them regularly after wearing them, don't use bleacher or softener, avoid direct sun exposure or heat. If you do so, you are good to keep them for a while !

Note : we recommend that you change them every 6 months to a year, depending on how many times a week you wear them. After some time, the elasticity will loosen a bit, and we do not guarantee the effect on blood circulation afterwards.

I received the product but I changed my mind. Can I return it ?

Of course you can ! You can return any product that would not follow your expectations. Two conditions: they must NOT have been worn et they must be returned in their original packaging, with the invoice. Our products, just like any socks/pantyhose or even panties you would purchase in a regular shop, cannot be returned if they have been put on, even just one time for fitting. It is imperative that you take your measures before any purchase on our eshop. If you need help doing so, we are more than happy to help you :) Otherwise, you can follow our tutorial

You have 15 plain days starting at effective reception date in order to contact us for a return/refund. Use the email address or the contact form. We will help you from there.

Once received in our premises, the return product will be tested. It implies that we can accept or refuse any return product that would not follow our return policy (a product that has been worn and/or damaged etc). If the returned product respects our policy, we will proceed to refund or exchange (according to your wish) in 15 days starting at reception of the product in our premises.

How do I choose my size/take my measures ?

Follow our online tutorial, it is pretty easy ;) 

If you have any questions or need help choosing your size, please don't be shy and contact us directly through the online chat in the right corner of this window. Be sure to leave your email address, just in case, so we can contact you back later !

I am pregnant and my doctor recommended that I wear compression pantyhose. Can I buy them here ?

Our products are as effective as any other compression pantyhose. The only difference is the style ! So, of course you can buy them here if you wish. Just know that our pantyhose might be a little tighten around the belly after 5 months of pregnancy. We recommend you choose the stay-ups instead, or a pair of support socks. They are also very effective to release you from the pain of having heavy and swollen legs during pregnancy.

I usually wear a size 4-6 for socks, but your chart is telling me I should wear a size 14-16 ? What should I do ?

Sizing are only there as a guide. In most cases, your measures reported in the chart will be equivalent to your actual shoe size.

Nevertheless, it can happen to be different. In that case, remember that your calf and ankle measures are most important, and you should follow our chart, especially if your calf is large.

If you're hesitating between two sizes, you should definitely choose the largest, in order to receive the most comfortable socks and avoid them being too tight on your calf ;)

I often take the plane to travel but have never felt anything such as heavy or swollen legs. Why should I wear support socks anyway ?

Having never had heavy/swollen legs before doesn't mean you are protected against DVT or embolism. These particular diseases can appear at any time, without notice. Our travel socks aim at protecting you from these risks. Their main objective is prevention. Therefore, you should be wearing compression socks every time you are planning to take the plane for more than 4 hours.

You would not go to the beach without sunscreen right ? Well, don't ever take the plane without your compression socks !

Where are our support pantyhose and socks manufactured ?

Walleriana works with 3 manufactures in Europe, specialized in making medical garments and hosiery:

  • France (for all our non compressive socks)
  • Italy (for all our Solidea products)
  • Czech Republic (for all our compression garments).

All our products strictly respect EU and FDA legislation concerning compression materials. Each raw material comes from Europe. They are certified OEKO-TEX, LATEX-FREE, and respond to ISO 13485 quality.