Pregnancy maternity tights - comfortable size plus tights

Pregnancy can be a big change for your body...

During pregnancy, future moms can feel all kinds of sensations, some of which might not be the best of all : heavy, swollen legs, restless leg syndrome, varicose veins... All of these can appear suddenly during the first weeks of pregnancy. One of the many reasons is that the weight of the belly on the legs combined with the hormone rise can weaken the veins. They are less tonic and can no longer bring the blood properly inside the legs and through the body, provoking some of the annoyances quoted above.

...and it's also the perfect time to take care of your legs and wear some maternity compression tights & glamorous compression stay-ups !

In order to prevent and relieve future moms legs, Walleriana offers a range of compression tights and stay-ups, all very glamorous and comfy ! Their netting help reinforce the pressure of the muscles onto the veins so that the blood flows more naturally inside the body. Our products will help future moms and their baby stay healthy and strong during pregnancy, and after birth !