Why a private sale ?

We don't have big sales or Black Friday here at Walleriana. Why not ? Many reasons, but the most important one being: our products are meant to stay through seasons and fashion. We rarely have fleeting collections of products and when it happens, it means we chose small batches from another brand that we offer to sell here (usually during Christmas time).


So private sales are a great way for us to destock some of our products in order to make some space for new ones. And as we do not produce in big quantities, we can not have big public sales. We thought it'd be nicer to offer you guys the opportunity first ;)


Private sales are also a great way to sell our prototypes instead of not doing anything with them ! We think it would be misery to let them rot in a store room. They are cute enough to not stay hidden and we are pretty sure your legs will enjoy them as they should !


Before buying a product, make sure you've got the right size !

All of our compression tights and socks follow European standards. You'll find details on each product page. Please read them carefully and don't forget to take your measures before purchase. We created a "determine your size" tool to help you with that. And if it's still too hard to choose, reach out to us on our chat ! We'll try our best answering as fast as we can :)

Compression tights with low prices and in small quantities

Prototypes are produced in very small quantities. So once the stock is down to zero, it's too late to order ! As for the "Last call" products, if there are any left after the private sale, you will be able to find them in the "Last call" section of the menu.

Don't drag your feet or they will fly under your nose before you know it !