What is blood circulation deficiency ?

Blood circulation deficiency is basically a lazy blood circulation in our legs ! First visible symptoms are often little purple vains showing on our calves and thighs, a heat sensation on the legs, heavy legs at the end of the day and sometimes swollen feet and ankles.

A good blood circulation needs a healthy life:

  •        healthy food,
  •        physical activity on a regular basis,
  •        good shoes and comfortable cloths…

Unfortunately, we do not always have time to take care of ourselves as much as we'd like. Nevertheless, it's important to stay focused on what our body tells us.

Leg pain, heavy legs: what if we talked about it ?

Leg pain, restless legs, heavy/swollen feet and ankles that make us want to put them above our head after a long day... These symptoms should be heard for what they are: the very first signs that we need to take care of the health of our legs !

If these inconvenient signs last, you should definitely talk to your doctor !

Our unhealthy little habits, or how to stop putting our head in the sand

Let's be honest, we all more or less know what we need to stop in our routine to start feeling better. But we all do the same: we put our head deep in the sand until we forget about it. Still, let's talk about the worst ennemies of our blood circulation:

  • Eat junk food,
  • Not drink enough water (we said water, not sweet drinks or coffee, they definitely don't fit the profile !),
  • Walk for hours in the stores, museums, at work...
  • Smoke,
  • Drink alcohol,
  • Take hormonal contraceptive,
  • A sedentary lifestyle (do you remember that day, when, in a spark of motivation, you joined the gym next to your house, only to never set foot again ?)
  • Wear uncomfortable/tight cloths.

Combining all of these might be fatal to our legs, specifically if they already are sensitive...

Small changes in our routine, big step for our blood circulation !

In the end, our legs may feel heavy, swollen, even purple... So sexy ! It might be time to stay off these bad habits and start taking care of our health, don't you think ?

Let's get active, let's kick this ass of ours off this comfortable couch and start:

  •        going back to the gym,
  •        climbing the stairs instead of taking the elevator,
  •        preparing some healthy and simple recipes instead of buying junk food,
  •        ordering sparkling water with a slice of lemon instead of a cocktail
  •        getting off the bus before our station and walk a little...

For more healthy ideas, check out our Magazine ;)